Post-Olympic Stress Syndrome

Greetings, Humanoids!

So I heard if you hoop E, you get higher or somethin? Anyways, it doesn’t matter, drugs are for teenagers and rich housewives.
So, my lovees, as always I have some goodies for ya. I’ve been gettin a lot of music lately, but there wasn’t an amazing amount of ear catching stuff; it was mostly Dub Step and Electro that was clearly just copy/pastes of big acts like MSTRKRFT and such. I always prefer to showcase a lesser known artist to a bigger act because of the fame and glory part, but if you’re just emulating the big dogs….well, you won’t have much success in making a name for yourself. Hence, stop listening to and focusing on what the popular things are and get workin with some creativity and put yourself into your music. And DON’T forget to send Jon, Dexter, and/or Me the fruits…
Let’s Do This!

Don Diablo – Teen Scream Machine (Nightriders Remix)

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WOW! Really REALLY wicked track! Nightriders have been on my radar for about a year or so now and they absolutely MURDER this remix of Don Diablo’s “Teen Scream Machine.” If you dj on a regular basis, you need this track for the ladies; it’ll make’em want to have your kids. And in case you’re a DJane…hey, nothin wrong with some girl-on-girl akceeeon!

Swick – Grow Up (Cassian Remix)

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Hey, you know how much I LOVE Disco by now, right? Well, here we go…Cassian’s remix of Swick – Grow Up. Beautiful driving drum line, trumpets, piano, synths, and all that delicious stuff. Just a gorgeous tune ready to flare up the flashin lights…lights…lights

Paolo Barbato – The Violin (Seth Vogt Remix)

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I really dig the strings in this track; usually tracks like this can really drop into the cheesy-ass section of Prog House, especially with a violin sample. But this is a very solid production. See how I changed my tone to a bit of a serious one? That’s because I respect Prog House producers the most and it is really hard to execute a good track and respectively, PB and Seth Vogt did a great job with the track. So enjoy!

The Young Punx – Ready For The Fight (Phonat’s Punkstep Remix)

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Haha, this never happens…I actually like a DnB track and even care to post it. I know what you’re thinkin, “how can he not like DnB, wtf?” Yeah, well whatever, I don’t like EVERYTHING; to be honest with you, I still don’t get why everyone is on this Dub Step business. HOWEVER, i do like this track and hey, it’s The Young Punx and Phonat, so this has no other option, but to be a real bad-ass track, which it is…so yeah!

Enjoy ya heathens!

The Time Has Come

It’s a known fact that Canada’s most influential electronic music has, so far, come from the East in the form of MSTRKRFT, A-TRAK, Deadmau5 etc…BUT (and this one’s bigger than Kim Kardashian’s), my fair people of the music cyber community, Vancouver ain’t sleepin and is growing vastly with its own ‘Lectro exports. I can say, with major confidence, that DJ Timeline has been the Electro pioneer in this part of the continent. He’s been rockin the sound when !!Hedkandi!! was still considered techno in this region…
Without further ado, I present Timeline’s latest release “DunDun” – this joint is the brimstone to your next gig, DJs!!! Very jackin beats that’ll shake up the club like a Magic 8 Ball. I am witness to that and I would not lie to you!!!! Show some love and grab the track off Beatport along with the remixes by Chuck Lepley and Frowin van Boyen. Enjoy, ya heathens…DunDun

DJ Timeline – DunDun


Week End Update

First order of business, let’s welcome our new writer Sasha to Sundtrak! You can find out how to contact him via our contact page, err coming soon. Now with our week end update, which I mistakenly called “weekend” update previously but recently figured that was inaccurate. First is the absolutely amazing Gooseflesh remix of Digitalism‘s Taken Away. I heard it on Hype and couldn’t help myself. Second is the Jump Jump Dance Dance remix of MSTRKRFT, thanks Sasha, this one caught my attention for sure. And lastly, I haven’t given either of them much attention lately, the Anoraak remix of Keenhouse. Way back when, when I went nuts over Keenhouse.

Digitalism – Taken Away (Gooseflesh Remix)
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MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker (Jump Jump Dance Dance Remix)
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Keenhouse – Civic Transit (Anoraak LAX Remix)
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Electro Sounds


We’ll start off with the MSTRKRFT remix of Yeah Yeah Yeah‘s Zero. I’ve yet to write a review for that album… too late. Great remix of the track, I wasn’t really expecting many remixes from this track though. Second is the AutoRock remix of Deleted Scenes. Absolutely loving the retro 70’s vibe coming from this track, more of that. And lastly, the Dan Sena remix of Sonny which was released in Sonny Moore’s EP Gypsyhook this week. You can check it out at iTunes. This track actually sounded more like MSTRKRFT than the MSTRKRFT remix, in a very good way.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Deleted Scenes – Ithaca (AutoRock Remix)
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Sonny – Copaface2 (Dan Sena Remix)
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Seriously Electro

It’s finally Friday and I don’t know about you but this week was way too long. What a relief! Got some light electro for you today. First is the Fred Falke remix of Little BootsNew In Town. I’m a bit behind on the Little Boots news, so I’m not sure if this is a new track that will come out soon or if she did this specifically for remixes. Probably a new track. I love the intro to this song, it kind of starts off key and soft, then the bass comes in, fantastic. Next track is the Simian Mobile Disco remix of The Go! Team. I won’t lie, I’ve really only listened to remixes of The Go! Team, so I’m not exactly sure who they are. But I gave them a try and I like it. Nothing like this remix anyways. And lastly, everything MSTRKRFT, the Screendeath remix of Click Click. It’s kind of the original without lyrics. If you like it, make sure you check out the original on their myspace.

Little Boots – New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)
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The Go! Team – Ladyflash (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
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MSTRKRFT – Click Click (Screendeath Remix)
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It’s Friday!

elias tahan

It’s Friday! First track for the end of the workweek is the DiscoTech remix of The Rolling Stones. They’ve popped out a bunch this year already or well at least in the past month. As usual, they left the beginning of the song from the original, which I have to say is quite unusual for remix producers. I really like their part of the remix. Second is the MSTRKRFT remix of Wolfmother refixed by Kid Cranberry. I’m quite disappointed that Kid Cranberry’s part was about a minute long, so basically it was the MSTRKRFT remix. But I liked the Kid Cranberry parts enough to post it. Lastly, the Bestrack remix of Synthesis One. Swaying towards house or even slightly ambience, reminds me of if Daft Punk was a little bit more hardcore. I guess I should be saying French house being they’re all part of the French scene.

The Rolling Stones – Satisfaction (DiscoTech Remix)
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Wolfmother – Woman (MSTRKRFT Remix Kid Cranberry Refix)
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Synthesis One – Exuberance (Bestrack Remix)
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Hello 2009, Goodbye 2008 Top 10 List!

Happy New Year! Never sure when to say this in a post, cause it isn’t really the new year yet. Preemptive anyways, I’ll probably repeat myself on the next post.

I decided to stick with the same theme as last year’s top list. Basically from the tracks I’ve posted, mostly the remixes. So don’t cry that I didn’t post about some random group or band I’ve never heard of or I’ve heard way too much on the radio cause that isn’t the point! I stuck with a vague criteria as how much the tracks influenced this year’s scene (both electro and blogosphere), how well they were accepted by listeners and how much I liked it myself. One thing that I thought I missed but just couldn’t put it in was Justice’s Planisphere which was amazing when it came out. It’ll have to do without being in this list. I did get some great suggestions from you guys about which tracks to choose, thanks for that. Was really hoping that Hype Machine wouldn’t re-aggregate the tracks, oh well.

10. Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix ft. Au Revoir Simone)

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I must’ve listened to this track a million times this year, completely different from what you’re used to if you listen to any of the music in this blog. Au Revoir Simone has a completely different personality when they’re in remixes, this one by Aeroplane of Friendly Fires. I’m not sure how they did it, just call Au Revoir Simone and ask them if they want to do a remix with you? Fantastic track, this one is for me.

9. Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl (MR GASPAR Remix)

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The guilty pleasure is back, it was definitely my summer song thanks to MR GASPAR. Otherwise I would’ve completely ignored Katy Perry like I would’ve any other “top 20″ radio hit list. Not for any pretentious means, but man those top 20 pop lists are addictive and definitely shameful. I recently heard Katy Perry’s Hot N’ Cold and well, let’s just say I didn’t not like it. A tad glad that my full out Katy Perry phase is over with and long gone… I think.

8. Kanye West – Homecoming (DiscoTech Remix)

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Yes and yes. This track was fantastic, definitely a late contender against the other tracks from this year. Was a tiny bit strange though not completely unexpected that they used beats from the original track as the additional beats. Didn’t hear too much from DiscoTech, more that I didn’t really find out about them until very late, but a great mix of Kanye West.  The chorus could’ve been longer, but I thoroughly enjoyed this track.

7. Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)

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Amazing track. Can leave this year without mentioning Little Boots or Fake Blood. Though I’ve been reading a lot of comparisons between her and Kylie, I don’t hear it. Love the contribution Fake Blood made to this track, very surprised no one else opted to remix this track. Anyways, it was a great mix though their genres weren’t too different. It works well.

6. Pnau ft. Ladyhawke – Embrace (Fred Falke & Miami Horror Remix)

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One of my favorite underrated remixes from this year. It didn’t get much attention around, but that retro sound is perfect. Fred Falke and Miami Horror know how to please my ears. None of them are small names, not sure what happened. After listening to Ladyhawke, I could understand how she was quite the influence in this track intensified by Fred Falke and Miami Horror. Haven’t paid much attention to Pnau though, I’m definitely giving them some in the new year to come.

5. Ben Mono – Jesus Was A B-Boy (Moulinex Remix)

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Alright, you’re probably thinking to yourself why the hell did he choose this track? I’ve never even heard of it! Do you know how hard I laugh when I listen to this track? Especially when I rediscover this track at least once a month at 4am. Moulinex has that unique retro electro sound which I can’t get enough of, on top of that hilarious lyrics from Ben Mono. So yes, this is definitely one of those “influenced me” tracks.

4. MSTRKRFT – Bounce feat. NORE


It would’ve been pretty hard going out and not hearing this song being played at a club or electro hipster bar. Dirty, club, ghetto. Everything I don’t post on this blog, but this is for sure an exception. MSTRKRFT outdid themselves this time, is this the path they’re taking now? I had a hard time choosing between the original track and The Bloody Beetroots remix of it, but I decided to stick with the first one.

3. The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)

The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)
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Alright, initially I put the Soulwax remix of Justice but someone brought it to my attention that it was actually from 2007! I was going to leave it but noticed that it was definitely at #3 on the list so it couldn’t stay. Luckily, I had another track to replace it at the same number, another Soulwax remix this year which was their remix of The Chemical Brothers Hey Boy, Hey Girl. Old track, new remix. This remix actually refreshed my love for The Chemical Brothers, whom I haven’t really listened to in a long time. Was huge towards the end of the summer and I definitely heard it a lot on the radio. Really couldn’t get enough of this track, reminded me of… Europe.

2. MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Remix)

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Oh Soulwax, what would we have done without you? I actually had a very hard time choosing which Soulwax remixes I liked from this year, they made so many, but their remix of MGMT‘s Kids wins. This one was pretty big back when it first came up, it was totally sampled for other remixes and mash-ups as well. The Twelves and Soulwax are pretty similar at least in the way they make and play their remixes live. They bring electro shows up from a DJ standing infront of two turntables or a laptop to an actual performance. They released a documentary POTWND a couple months ago, I think it just helps solidify how big they really are.

1. Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves Remix)

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If I had to define the electro scene in 2008, it’d have to be with this track. The twitchy synth sounds matches perfectly to the Black Kids, though sadly I can’t particularly say that the Black Kids made it as big as this track. The Black Kids kind of got the shaft, but The Twelves definitely gained more popularity this year, I heard this track almost too many times on electronic radio stations and mixes. You couldn’t go through this year without hearing them. But seriously, leave Brazil for a bit cause we could really use those retro sounding synth beats up here. Muchos love.