If you are submitting material for us to post, we’d be happy to check it out. We will post anything we like regardless of genre, though there is no guarantee that what you submit will be posted. We will also not reply to every email we get, we are grateful you’ve sent us your music, but with the amount of emails we have to go through, we won’t be able to personally reply to each and every one. Even though there are specified genres below, writers are not limited to those genres.

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1. Writer(s)

Jon (Remixes/Electro/Dance/Techno/Indie)
I deal with mostly electro and dance music, although I sometimes stray into indie. I love the retro sound, but you’ll get to know me best by looking at my posts on the blog. I also love remixes and mixes when they come by me. I’ll be the one posting full album reviews as well. I DON’T check my email everyday, so you might have better luck if you email both myself and one of the other writers.

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We’re always looking for new people and ideas for the blog. There are some rules that you’ll have to follow when writing for us. Remember, the main reason we write and include MP3s isn’t for piracy but to get others to listen to the artist. So if your intent is to post MP3s without writing or effort, don’t even bother.

If you’re willing to take that up, contact us at the email below along with your name, your location (optional), the kinds of music you like and that you’ll be writing about, and just a short reason about why you want to write.

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