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No part of this blog may be reproduced or redistributed without permission from the article author or blog owner. Tracks are copyrighted by their respected owners and can only be used via their permission. We are not responsible for any legal issues related to tracks posted on your own website acquired from this blog.

1. Content Removal

All removal requests must be sent to remove[at]sundtrak[dot]com. Emails which are not related to removal of content will be blocked indefinitely from all email accounts. For further details about removal, please refer to the sections below.

2. Music and Media

If you have any comments, concerns, or problems with the contents of this blog, please contact me through the email above. Content will be removed upon request by the artist or label by sending an email to the content removal email address. Artists and labels who post by comment on the blog will have their comments removed for confidentiality and their request dealt with.

All media posted are for promotional and preview purposes only. All non-linked tracks with streaming only are encrypted to avoid unauthorized downloading of the track. Albums related posts will contain buy now links provided in the entry, though all tracks can be bought at iTunes, Beat Port, eMusic,, and any links provided in the artist page. Most music provided on this blog is either a remix or live version of songs. No full albums are provided by download in this site, songs can be sampled by the built-in music player. Also, any links which expire due to the maximum time limit or lack of usage will NOT be maintained.

It is encouraged to buy music and to go see the artist live that you liked listening to on this blog, for both your enjoyment and the support of the artist. Above all, we all enjoy music and I hope to spread the word as much as possible.

3. Banners and Images

All images used are for promotional uses only. I do not claim any images posted to be mine. When possible, images used will be cited and a link will be available for readers to visit the artist’s page. This link will show up first in all blog aggregators and posts.

Images are taken from the internet and should be treated accordingly. This includes aggregators such as ffffound, tumblr, and other blogs which do not always have obvious or any sources at all, which in that case I will not be able to link your art. If you find that your image has been posted without a link to your page, you can request for me to link you in the post or remove the image altogether by sending an email to the content removal email and I would gladly do so. I do not claim ownership or copyright of any images posted on this blog, nor will I ever take a sourced picture without sourcing it.

The credits for the new banners I included. Some of them I had to search around to find the original photographer, some others I couldn’t even find.

Calvin Harris by Mark Forrester
MGMT by Dan Dilworth
Justice at Boulevard Pool by Erik Kabik
Lykke Li set by leafar

Blog theme is Ocean Mist 2.0 by Ed Merritt.

4. Ranking System

This is a blog, I don’t get a salary for what I do here, I’m taking full advantage of that. Don’t expect reviews full of archived information about the band or words that no one else knows. Maybe if I worked at Rolling Stone I’d try harder, but for now it’s simply what I think.

The album rating is out of 10, which will reflect the overall album itself and may or may not be added up in consideration with the track ratings which are out of 5. If you’ll notice there aren’t many album reviews that mark lower than 6 in this blog, that is because I believe in providing only music I like on this blog. Why would I write about something bad? Though if the album is atrocious, I might make an exception.

The songs are ranked out of 5 and are compared to other songs of the same genre. When an artist has a very unique genre, it may be compared to other songs within the album or by the artist.

5/5 – Amazing, probably a song I add to the playlist out of the album.
4/5 – Great, I could listen to it again.
3/5 – Decent, I kind of liked it.
2/5 – Kind of the default grade, the song was okay.
1/5 or NA – Either it’s not a very good song or it isn’t even really a song.

5. Ads

Ads will be added or removed depending on costs to run the blog. The point of the blog isn’t to make a profit, but rather to spread good music and talented artists. With ads, I can break even with hosting and domain costs. If you are interested in having some of your ads on this blog, please contact me with the email at the top. Keep in mind ads will not run all year long.