Hi All,

It is near impossible for me to hold down a full time job and keep a music blog going. I admire anyone who balances both an active blog and their life. I used to post every day and could not see a time where I would not be scouring for new music and writing about it. I thought the hobby would last forever. The blog saw its humble beginnings on Blogspot, where I simply posted the music I liked that I came across. It started from my playlist and when I ran out of music there, I began scouring the internet and music stores. It almost turned into an addition, I need more music. The people who happened to connect with the music I posted made the blog worthwhile. Unfortunately, as I slowly had to shift time away from the blog, posts became something I simply had to produce just to keep up. To make things worse, I simply couldn’t find music I liked. At first it was easy, finding new music I liked took less than half an hour. Maybe the music scene as a whole is moving away from my go-to styles or my taste has become way too specific. Or it is simply the amount of time I could commit to searching. Whatever the reason, I feel it is unfair for me to keep an inactive blog up.

Sundtrak was never the most elegant music blog, I’m no Pitchfork team, but it was quaint and I liked it that way. My hopes are to come back at some point when I have figured out a balance in my life to include Sundtrak.